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Cedar wood is a favorite among St. Louis homeowners for decks, screened porches, pergolas and other outdoor spaces. Natural cedar has sheer visual appeal, durability and ‘workability’ as a building material.

Cedar is rich in color with very distinctive grain patterns and it is naturally resistant to the outdoor elements: rain, sun, rot and insect damage.

In addition, the ‘look’ of cedar will complement most any style of home and backyard setting.
For these reasons, cedar is an unbeatable material choice for folks who prefer the aesthetics of natural wood for decking, porches and shade pergolas.

And for a contemporary twist with a truly customized ‘look’, cedar can be used alongside other building materials such as vinyls, composites and metalics too.

Pictured here is a natural cedar wood deck and shade pergola. The elevated deck expands the length of this beautiful home located in St. Louis’ West County, blending indoor living with the outdoor living space, seamlessly.

Thin black metal balusters were used to enhance an open view of a wooded lot while adding a contemporary style to the deck design.

Cedar Deck, White Vinyl Pergola, St. Louis, Mo

Elevated Cedar Screened Porch, St. Louis, Mo

Cedar Deck with White Vinyl Pergola and Rails

Cedar Pergola over Cedar Deck, St. Louis County

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